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 Life in Italy - Frescoarte: Policy & Services

Professional Frescoes for Interior Design / Exterior Design and  Decoration for Hotels, Restaurants, and Homes


Wall Frescoes

Our artists can paint frescoes for any interior or exterior space. You select the design and provide us with the dimensions of the area to be painted and we will give you a price estimate. If you decide to proceed, you must give a refundable down payment, to be agreed with us directly.

We will send you a sketch of the fresco or frescoes you ordered. If you approve it, our artists will travel from Italy, bringing with them the paint pigments and materials required, and paint the frescoes on the interior and/or exterior walls you chose. This means you will have full supervision of the work and its evolution, and will be able to discuss with our artists details and possible changes. 


Panel Frescoes

The majority of our panel frescoes are made after the order is placed, however, in order to speed up the process, we now have an inventory of about 50 ready for sale pieces in Rockville, MD.  Any order not available in Rockville will be shipped from Italy to Rockville first, and then onto the final client. In order to minimize shipping costs, we pack several frescoes in one crate and then ship them to Rockville (we take care of import fees). When in Rockville, your mural art order will be forwarded to your address.


Custom Frescoes

If the frescoes in our gallery are not what you had in mind, you prefer something made just for you, or would like to see something or some place recreated in fresco form, we can have a custom fresco made for you.

If you do not have any images to go by, we can provide a sketch for a fee of $100, which may be refunded if the fresco is commissioned. The sketch is drawn by Sergio, who will also paint the final work. Obviously, the more detailed your description of the image you have in mind, the better. We have had very good success recreating special places and things based on pictures with sentimental value, and we would love to create a very special  piece of wall art just for you.

Once the fresco is ready, Frescoarte will send you a photo of the finished work so that you will be able to see it before it is shipped. If the fresco meets your expectations and requirements, you will then proceed to the final payment. Once the payment is received, Frescoarte will ship the fresco to you. 

If you know you want a fresco in your home, it be a panel or wall mural, yet cannot make up your mind about what you would like, Sergio will be glad to help you create and project in detail the perfect solution for you. 



How to Order

Phone: for US and International orders:  (001) 301-738-6827

             For Italian orders: (0039) 365-84-376 (office hours)

                                        : (0039) 335-695-51-79 (mobile)                                                              

Email: If you rather talk to us via email, you can use the contact form available on this website. If you write from Italy, you can also talk directly with Sergio Bonometti at beb.affreschi@alice.it 



Payment options

 We gladly accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal for all transactions. If you want to pay by Paypal or credit card, you can contact us to receive all the information and to make sure of the availability of the service.


Ready to ship works: if you choose one of the frescoes from our portfolio, you can pay simply by clicking the Buy Now button and follow the instructions. 

Personalized works and on commission panel frescoes: payment for personalized works  and on commission panel frescoes (i.e.: copies of other paintings, photos etc.) take place in two installments. The first is given to Frescoarte when placing the order, and equals 20% (twenty per cent) of the total price of the work. The amount is not refundable. The second takes place once the fresco has been completed and the customer has viewed a photo of the ultimated work, as explain above. 

Please keep in mind that your purchase will be sent only after Frescoarte has received full payment for it. 


Check our Shipping and Handling page for more information on shipping details. 

Check our Warranty and Return page for more information on how to return your purchase.