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About Us

Frescoarte is a company dedicated to the diffusion and sale of professionally realized frescoes. Thanks to our collaboration with Italian artists specialized in this old and noble technique born in Italy centuries ago, we at Frescoarte are able to offer our customers the possibility to own and bring home a true piece of Italy's history and art. 


Frescoarte has the largest and most complete selection of wall art for sale on the web: our artists can reproduce known works of art or create something original just for you, on the basis of your ideas and  requests. Think of Cimabue  and Giotto, of Michelangelo and Leonardo, but also of the delicate elegance of Piero della Francesca, or the dramatic visual impact of Masaccio's figures. Think of charming landscapes, of Classical art compositions, of Pompeian frescoes: we at Frescoarte will truly help you bring home a slice of history. 


Faithful to Italy's centuries long artistic tradition Frescoarte lead by professional artist Sergio Bonometti, offers to its customers real Italian frescoes, conceived and created in Italy following traditional painting techniques. 

In their Northern Italian studio, our artist Sergio Bonometti creates original art decor and reproductions of exquisite beauty. Whether you want an original piece, or the copy of a well known masterpiece, Bonometti's work will lend to your home a whole new atmosphere, created by its beauty and the balance of its colors and composition. 


Frescoarte  decided to enter the global market while maintaining its production centre in Italy: in the end, it was here that fresco techiques were born and it is here that our artists have studied and formed themselves professionally. 

Obviously, working in Italy while having customers all over the world created some hard-to-face challenges, above all transportation. At the same time, it also enhanced our desire to  remain faithful to authentic frescoes techniques, even while producing modern pieces. 


All this makes Frescoarte an exceptionally unique company: we offer real frescoes, created with those very techniques used by the masters of Italian art for centuries. Ours are wall painting as they are meant to be, contrarily to many murals sold online, that nothing have to do with the real thing. 

A fresco is not easy to produce and not everyone has the skills to do it: time, and a capable artist are essential for its creation. We at Frescoarte decided to make of excellence and technical authenticity our strong point: this is why our works are of a superior quality.  Created for the modern world, while being faithful to the centuries long tradition of Italian art.