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Are they really frescoes? 

Of course! Each and every piece offered by Frescoarte has been realized following traditional frescoes techniques, just as those used by the great masters of Italian painting: Michelangelo, Cimabue, Masaccio... Would you like to learn more about it? Check out our article on fresco techniques. 


Can you work both indoors and outdoors? 

Yes, we can. Our artists can work both inside and outside your home or business with amazing results. 


How do you transport the frescoes? 

We use a well established tecnique, called calicot technique, approved by the Italian Sovrintendenza ai Beni Culturali. 


Do you have a portfolio of ready works, from which I can choose the right one for my needs?

Yes, we do. We have a portfolio of about 50 pieces, ready to be sold and kept in our see in Rockville, MD. You can check some of them out, clicking on the menu underneath our main banner. 


What if I want something special, can you make a fresco just for me? 

We can indeed. Our artists will be happy to discuss with you ideas and suggestions. Whether you have a specific image or photo you would like to transform into a fresco, or just an idea you would love to develop, we will be delighted to make it happen! If you want to know more about how it works, click here.


What if I am not happy with the piece? 

Frescoarte offers a Money Back Guarantee to all its customers. For full details, check out our page on Warranty and Returns.